Akronym: TheBarCode
Call Addressed: FP7-NMP-2012-SMALL-6, Colaborative Project
Project Title: Development of multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modelling tools for high temperature power generation with improved efficiency.
Coordinator:  Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada (TEISTE), Person In Charge:  Dr. Vassilis Stathopoulos

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (BIC), Russia 
Clausthal University of Technology (TUC), Germany
Powder Metallurgy Institute (PMI), Belarus
Institute for Physical Research (IPR), Armenia
Plasma Jet s.r.l. (PLASMA), Romania
Element Materials Technology Hitchin, Un. Kingdom
National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli”(INCAS), Romania
Materials Industrial Research and Technology Centre MIRTEC S.A, Greece
NUMECA International S.A (NUMECA), Belgium
Open Source Management (OSM), Un. Kingdom
NPO Saturn JSC (НПО Сатурн), Russia

TheBarCode will advance the efficiency of power generation in gas turbine processes by the development of advanced parts of significantly improved performance and software providing optimized process parameters.
Its aim is the development of materials, methods and models suitable to fabricate, monitor, evaluate and predict the performance and overall energy efficiency of novel thermal barrier coatings for energy generative systems. This will be done by radically improving the performance of materials "in service", by the application of novel thermal barrier coatings. A significant improvement in energy efficiency and cost effectiveness will be achieved with structural design and computational fluid simulations.