Current Projects

Acronym: WHYMFC
Project Title: Wastewater Treatment with High Yield Microbial Fuel Cell
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Acronym: i-ThERM
Project Title: Industrial Thermal Energy Recovery Conversion and Management
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Previous Projects

Project Title: Development of multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modelling tools for high temperature power generation with improved efficiency.
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Acronym: GreenMeOH 
Project Title: CO2 and H2O toward methanol synthesis at atmospheric pressure in co-ionic electrochemical membrane reactors
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Acronym: APACELL
Project Title: Synthesis, Characterization & Study of solid electrolytes of the apatite structure for Fuel Cells Applications
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Acronym: uVALVIT
Project Title: Fabrication and characterization of integrated pneumatic component for liquid flow control in microfluidics
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Acronym: HierZeo4Biofuel
Project Title: Nanostructured Hierarchical Zeolites for Sustainable Production of second generation biofuels
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Acronym: CASANNO
Project Title: Development on novel catalyst composites via the synergy of structural and surface promoters for the simultaneous abatement of nitrogen (ΝΟx) and nitrous (Ν2Ο) oxide
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